Despite arguably being one of the best cities in the world, London is lacking in one area – it doesn’t have a beach. Thankfully, Coppa Club’s have come to our rescue and are transforming their famous riverside igloos and giving them a surf-themed makeover for summer 2019.

Most of the capital’s residents have to travel to Brighton to get their sun and surf on, but not anymore. Well, sort of. The transparent ‘igloos’ – made famous thanks to Instagram and their twinkly lights positioned against a backdrop featuring Tower Bridge, will now be turned into ‘Paradise Pods’ decorated in a surf theme, with tropical plants, surf boards and a vintage VW Campervan modified into a pop-up bar.

The new experience will launch on the 2nd May with the brand hosting a summer launch party to celebrate the occasion, and the first 100 guests will be given complimentary cocktails. ‘The wait is nearly over, it’s almost time for cocktails in the sun and dining riverside in your very own Surfer Shack,’ Coppa Club wrote on its Facebook page.

If this coming summer is anything comparable to last year’s scorcher, then we can only imagine how much hotter — quite literally — it will be when they become surfer shacks.

London’s riverside summer vibes, Tower Bridge in all its glory set against a backdrop of surf boards, tropical plants, with a vintage VW Campervan parked up nearby serving fab cocktails, this pop-up sounds as Instagrammable as its winter counterpart – and that’s before we’ve mentioned the surfboard swing…

Count us in! We only hope someone has a plan to make sure guests can keep cool inside those mini greenhouses.