Rat Race

7 Ways to Respond to Conflict with Emotional Intelligence

One thing I know for sure is that there will always be drama in the workplace, it’s inevitable. If human beings and communication are involved, words and attitudes will be misinterpreted, egos will clash, buttons will be pushed, and people will arrive at different conclusions, often the wrong conclusions.

Rat Race

Does Productivity Have a Set Time and Place?

The world around us is rapidly changing, and by that I don’t mean climate change. One big change – and I feel that maybe this doesn’t mean much to my generation – the level of freedom we have is an incredible privilege because it was that not long ago, that us women didn’t have the right to vote or even wear trousers.

Rat Race

The Confession of an Eventepreneur

This is the most honest I’ve ever been about being an eventepreneur. It’s extremely difficult for me to talk about this stuff and I’m concerned that it will make me look weak. But in truth, I’m tired of smiling and saying that everything is fine.

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