How Events Help Bridge the Online/Offline Gap 

If you’re running an online business, then you’re still going to want to have some form of presence in the offline world. This helps to humanise your business, and humanisation is something that will encourage people to buy your products or hire your services.

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5 Tips on How to Handle High Maintenance Clients 

As with any business in a service industry, events has its fair share of high maintenance clients, you know the ones I mean, those who call 10 times a day, email even more and somehow always push every one of your buttons until you start to lose your mind?

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How LGBT+ Teachers are Transforming London’s Education 

The National Union of Teachers has created a buzzing community of LGBT+ Teachers across London with their next event being held on Friday 4th March 2016. LGBT+ Teachers Senior Organiser, David Braniff-Herbert, explains the key elements behind the driving force making this union led networking event such a success.

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Why Politically Incorrect People Are Happier Than Everyone Else 

Walking on eggshells to please others can make anyone uncomfortable, but society has turned this into a typical regime. Why? I’ve always been told that I’m too honest, too brutal, too much for people to accept my opinions or even just hear them, but as the years have gone by I’ve honed this skill to be beneficial to me.