Men’s style consultant & YouTuber Aaron Marino aka Alpha M., has released a new video explaining how to make your bulge look bigger.

The video released on his channel, YouTuber Alpha M., Marino explains that he himself as been insecure about his package, and created the new video to help other men who feel the same to make their bulge look bigger and generally feel better about themselves.

His first tip (and I totally agree with this for more than just appearance sake) is to “manscape, manscape, manscape. If you have a massive bush, everything’s going to look smaller. Let the tiger out of the jungle and it will look bigger”.

Marino also advises viewers about the art of careful positioning and instructs them to “Tuck your penis straight down, take your hand out of your pants, grab it, adjust and pull it up and out”.

Have fun trying out these tips Marino’s tips and let us know how you got on in the comments section below.