If the man in your life or in fact you yourself love the latest fashion trends, then The Gents Pack Club is the perfect luxury service for you.

Offering a monthly combination of luxury underwear, socks and grooming products, all beautifully packaged in an elegantly sexy gift box; founder James T. Fletcher tells InAnyEvent London a bit more about The Gents Pack.

It’s rare that I get the chance to sit down and write but since Amir, a friend and fellow entrepreneur asked if I’d write a little something and tell the story so far and maybe even inspire a few budding entrepreneurs to take the plunge and start their dream journey.

It’s scary to think that it was 3 years ago in 2013, that I started The Gents Pack, yet it still feels like only yesterday that it all began. “Why did you start?” is a question I still get asked all the time, and really it was down to my frustrations with buying quality socks, grooming products and indeed underwear online; I just found that a luxury price tag never converted into a luxury experience.

How Does it Work?

Put simply, my frustration lead to the idea of a monthly subscription service for men, combined with an online store that unlike any other offerings, delivers designer underwear, socks and quality grooming products straight to your door, packed in a premium box giving that feeling of a luxury experience without the luxury price tag – after all, if you’re buying something nice for yourself, a friend, or maybe even a partner, why shouldn’t it always be a pleasurable experience?

So tackling the common question of “How does it work?” (sometimes accompanied by a few pulled faces about pants in a box) it’s quite straightforward, you simply select the type of product and its corresponding style (e.g. boxers or briefs for underwear) and your bespoke pack is then created by hand each month based on your choices and sent out.

Perfectly Tailored Products

Additionally, club members can alter their preferences based on their specific needs, for example, say you want impress that special someone whilst on a sexy city break or need an eye cream to hide the fact you didn’t get much sleep whilst you were away, we’ll tailor your pack and send you the perfect products.

I guess the most amazing thing about building your own business is that you really are passionate about how your customers and prospective customers feel about your service. For me I’ve been flattered by how some club members tell a tale of sitting down on a Friday night after a long week at work and review what we’ve curated for them. For me it’s that experience that has helped us grow to a business that ships to members in over 14 countries.

So what next for The Gents Pack – well as an entrepreneur I continue to focus on growing the club and further enabling it to provide members with better deals, by listening to our members feedback thus developing those vital relationships with collaborators & designers and enhancing The Gents Pack website using the latest technological enhancements. Not only do we then have the ability to pass on the latest in fashion trends, styles and product lines, but most importantly, I want to make sure that luxury experience served by The Gents Pack continues to be luxurious – after all, that’s why it all began in the first place.

Exclusive Reader Discount

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