The rule is simple, and we’ve heard it a million times – follow your dreams; but here is the truth nobody tells you before you set off on your dream journey.

Anyone can work a 9 to 5 during the week, go out on the weekends, get totally shit-faced, and when Monday comes back around, get up and just do it all over again; but not anyone can quit that 9 to 5 job to pursue their dream. Not just anyone can handle the sacrifices you need to make in order to continue the journey. Not just anyone can handle the amount of stress you endure throughout to tackle the obstacles you will encounter.

I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to all those who are pursuing their dream. You don’t get enough credit until you make it – only then does everyone act as if they have been supporting you since day one.

Loneliness – it is the biggest burden you will carry on your dream journey, and at times it will almost destroy you. As someone who has started his dream journey only 10 months ago, here is my advice to you – never let the loneliness get you down because it will, and it will try every…single…day.

As awful as the loneliness is, there will be many days where you give it the finger with ease; but on those days when you succumb, look inside yourself and remind your exhausted soul why you started your journey in the first place. Remind it about the successes you have already achieved, and that it was you who achieved them even whilst alone.

More than anything, entrepreneurship is a game of attrition. It’s about having the determination, the discipline, and the cash to see it through. It’s about not giving up and being the last man or woman standing when everyone else has fallen by the wayside.

Don’t get me wrong. Having the vision to see what others don’t, the passion to motivate yourself and others, the savvy to build and grow a business, and the guts to make good decisions, are all part of the mix. But what binds those ingredients together is the tenacity to stick with it, day in, day out, year after year.

Woman walking along a dusty road carrying balloons and a suitcase

In a way entrepreneurship is a blessing and a curse. I would not wish it upon anyone, but I also would not change it for anything because it has taught me that difficult takes a day, and impossible takes a week.

I am an entrepreneur, and I couldn’t be more proud.