The Scribble Pen can recognise and replicate any colour you choose; an awesome idea for any designer on the move or short on time.

The Scribble Pen is a device that scans a colour from a real object, turns it into an ink, and lets the user draw with it.

An RGB colour sensor scans the colour and sends the information to a micro pump that mixes the ink. This all happens within a relatively normal-sized pen. The makers of the Scribble Pen say they wanted to create a tool that “allows an artist to borrow the colours around them.”

Now I’m sure many people will scoff at the $249 (approx. £190) price tag, considering you can buy a decent set of colouring pencils – which even if going for high-end set – wouldn’t cost more that £100; you have to admit, the Scribble Pen is pretty damn cool!

Although the skill required to replicate and create colours using the traditional methods using pencils or paints should always continue to be a key part of art and design; imagine the flexibility this pen will provide?

In addition, the Scribble Pen can easily transfer the custom and captured colours into Photoshop or CorelDRAW, for use in all projects. It even has an amazing battery life and charges quickly via micro-USB cable, its lightweight, lithium-ion battery gives users 15 hours of unlimited creating power.

For any designer or artist who runs a small business the ability to quickly mock up designs for clients whilst literally in the room and even using example colours they provide is simply brilliant, all with one handy pen – check it out for yourself in the video below.