A new study has found that festive-based stress and anxiety affects nearly half of the male population, with a third rating it more stressful than a trip to the dentist.

Advent Anxiety, a new term coined to describe festive-based stress, is expected to kick in for many people this weekend, as we edge ever closer to Christmas.

The study found that some of the biggest worries for people are Christmas shopping, overspending, Christmas dinner going wrong, and family arguments. 29 is also highlighted as the age when Christmas stops being enjoyable and becomes more stressful for adults.

Georgina Hosang, psychology lecturer at the University of London said:

“There are many things that have the potential to go wrong at this time of year, which means we all experience differing levels of stress.

It’s surprising to see that younger people are suffering from these worries the most with 70% of 18 – 24 year olds experiencing ‘Advent Anxiety’. Fixing the things that go wrong as soon as possible will help to alleviate the pressure that many of us are experiencing.”

Direct Line have launched a new campaign called Merry Fixmas to coincide with the study, to ensure that people have a hassle-free Christmas. If you tweet using the hashtag #merryfixmas the team might be able to help you out with your troubles.

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