Sex has to be one of the most talked about, yet least understood topics on this planet with many of us still misguided by popular misconceptions.

Despite the abundance of information, we have in the niche of sex and everything related to it, it seems that many of us are still misguided by popular misconceptions. While it might sound a bit hilarious at first, busting such myths is critical since they can ruin your sex life.

Often, people develop a skewed perception of their sexual ability based upon such irrational myths that have been peddled on for many years.

Here, we try to reveal the truth behind some of the most common myths about sex.

Sex Myth No. 1

Men think about sex more than women do…

While men are very easily labelled the stronger and hornier sex, women get away with being called the weaker and tamer ones. It is popularly believed that men think about sex once every 7 seconds and women once every 2 hours. However, you will be surprised to know that this is total crap, there is actually no research to back up this claim!

Sex Myth No. 2

Women prefer commitment to casual sex….

It is easier to believe that a man wants to be with a woman just for the sex, while the woman seeks long-term commitment from the relationship. Wrong! Not all women are like that. With the ever-growing levels of sexual frustration prevalent in metropolitan cities, there are many women out there who prefer a no-commitment association with a man, simply to relieve their stress.

Sex Myth No. 3

If your partner doesn’t moan during sex, it’s probably because they’re not enjoying it…

Making pleasurable and erotic sounds while during sex heightens the sensuality of the act and get the two people even more turned on. However, the absence of these sounds does not imply that that your partner is not enjoying the sex – they may simply be less vocal about it!

Sex Myth No. 4

You can’t get pregnant whilst having unprotected sex if she’s on her period…

While the likelihood of getting pregnant is lesser during this period (pun intended), having sex during menstruation does not keep the scare away completely. Women with a briefer cycle tend to be more prone to becoming pregnant if they play hide the sausage during those days.

Sex Myth No. 5

Women don’t like watching porn…

Men are classified as notorious when it comes to watching pornographic videos. However, women are only great at keeping their secret, and not as open about this. They enjoy erotica as much as their partners and watching a hot scene right before your own steamy session can only heighten the pleasure!

Sex Myth No. 6

If you pull out, then she won’t get pregnant…

A lesser known fact is that the sperm-producing starts as soon as you get an erection. So, unless the aim is to get pregnant, be careful about unprotected sex, even without an ejaculation.

Sex Myth No. 7

Frequent masturbation mean that you will ejaculate less semen than normal…

The amount of semen that you can produce may vary between a few drops to more than a teaspoonful. The sperm count, therefore, could be anywhere between 40 and 500 million. If you masturbate every day, and even if you do several times a day, you need not worry about ever running out of semen!

Sex Myth No. 8

Sex can be just like it is in porn films…

You have got to be one lucky SOB if your partner can hold on for as long as even 20 minutes. Several studies have been conducted in this regard and they reveal that 75% of men have an orgasm within the first 5 to 15 minutes of penetration, and that about 30% of women have an orgasm only through masturbation.

Sex Myth No. 9

Men cheat more than women do…

Think men are always the unfaithful ones? Think again. A recent study reveals that while 70% of men are having affairs outside of their marriages, the figure lies between 50-60% among women.

Sex Myth No. 10

“Honey, I am too tired…”

When your partner says that, know that it is most likely nothing but a lie. Sex is not something that tires you out, it leaves you feeling refreshed and energised. At the end of the day, if you are suffering a headache, see how the pain goes after a 20-minute steamy session in bed.

There are probably a lot of other misconceptions about the subject of sex. We would love to hear some of your myth busting facts in the comments below to help us make sure everyone stays clued up and updated!