British Airways has been flying to India since 1924, and in its most recent ad, celebrates its love of the country with a vignette inspired by a true story.

The emotional tale is titled “Fuelled by Love” and is directed by award-winning screenwriter and director Neeraj Ghaywan; definitely contradicts the overall population (or at least those I have come across) which seem to have always regarded British Airways (BA) as a brand they trust and respect, but also feel is rather cold – as comedian Pam Ann put it:

“They welcome their passengers as if each of them is personally responsible for the death of Princess Diana”.

Personally I see this as something us brits naturally exude as part of our stiff upper lip approach to the world. As a die-hard supporter and frequent flier with BA, I know that although there is some truth to Pam Ann’s joke (mainly down to it being very accurate) but to me, a part of their attraction.

Fuelled By LoveThe New BA Advert Will Give You The Feels

Contrary to this however, I have personally seen on many a flight what this new advert genuinely represents; a caring, professional and very human crew who truly enjoy their jobs and are there to make our flights as comfortable as possible.

Although an ode to India, BA shows how a simple gesture between a flight attendant and a passenger can affect a lifetime of travel – something we can all take a lesson from and apply in our lives.