Luxury safari tree house offers a taste of South Africa on London’s South Bank.

An incredible luxury tree house has sprouted in the heart of London – and it’s ready to whisk guests away to an exotic South Africa-inspired adventure. Virgin Holidays just installed a 35-foot-high luxury safari tree house on London’s South Bank and is offering visitors the chance to spend the night in the magnificent structure.

Decked out in beautiful tribal prints and modern materials, the tree house overlooks stunning views of the River Thames and offers two bespoke bedrooms and a six-course meal for adventurous palates.

Design & Inspiration

Inspired by the Lion Sands Game Reserve’s tree house in South Africa, Virgin Holidays’ weeklong installation was created to promote the company’s ‘Wonderlist’ luxury holiday packages.

London-based South African interior designer Hubert Zandberg crafted the rustic interior, which combines timber surfaces with an earthy colour palette, African sculptures, and tribal prints.

The tree house comprises a central living area as well as two guest rooms with a plush four-post bed. A private balcony that wraps around the structure offers sweeping riverside views.

Your Chance to Win

Virgin Holidays is offering visitors the chance to win an overnight stay at the luxury tree house in an online sweepstakes. The lucky winner will also have the opportunity to try a six-course private degustation menu prepared by Masterchef 2013 quarter finalist Petrus Madutlela. The menu will include exotic delicacies such as tempura mealworms, shaved ostrich biltong, and smoked goat fillet with chakalaka sauce.

The tree house installation is open to visitors from 11am to 6pm and will remain in place until Friday, January 29. You can enter the competition for a chance to win an overnight stay by registering your information on the Virgin Holidays website.