Walking on eggshells to please others can make even the most confident of us  uncomfortable, yet society has turned this into a typical regime. Why?

I’ve always been told that I’m too honest, too brutal, too much for people to accept my opinions or even just hear them, but as the years have gone by I’ve honed this skill to be beneficial to me.

There is a difference between brutal honesty and truth; the latter is meant to welcome compromise while the former usually brings about resentment. Nowadays it seems like everyone wants to be brutal in their honesty without being totally correct. This of course creates a firestorm.

Honesty and truth can coexist without hurt feelings — I’m a fine example of that. The whole idea of “sugarcoating” my opinions to be politically correct terrifies me. Walking on eggshells to please others can make anyone uncomfortable, but society has turned this into a typical regime. Why?

It never ceases to amaze me at how many of friends and colleagues are terrified to speak their mind lately. My generation has turned into a community of trembling silencers, too afraid to voice their opinion. No matter what we say or do, someone is bound to get offended — God forbid it be our fault.

Remove The Filters

My mother used to say it’s fine for people to get offended, sometimes because it’s the only way to change a person’s mind and if they don’t like it still, then they know where the door is. But where’s the line between offending someone and downright attacking them? Watching the news today has tricked us into thinking we need to attack in order to get our points across — this is false.

Attacking is risky, but sugarcoating is just as dangerous. You’d be surprised what happens when you deliberately choose to focus on substance; but in order to do that one must rid his or her self of filters.

Happiness and joy are results of peace; and peace comes from not giving a fuck. It doesn’t come from intentionally hurting people.

Political correctness ties you down to the limits of whoever is most sensitive. If James or Lizzie or Sally are easily offended, the rest of the room seems to dim their light or withhold the truth to save themselves from drowning. Who the hell wants to live this way?

Your Opinion Matters

People have a right to their own opinion, but people like James, Lizzy or Sally make everything personal, which proves impossible to please at the end of the day. All anyone can do is say how they feel without making anyone feel stupid for thinking differently, but no matter what, it seems, someone is always going to feel dumb.

But a politically incorrect person won’t ever feel dumb because he or she is always going to be proud of themselves — proud they said what they wanted at the exact moment they needed to, proud they didn’t hold back, and proud they never fell off a cliff of pressure to please.

You might say that political correctness is necessary. I’m inclined to agree with you for the most part, though there are some cases where it’s always going to fail. But today’s generation ought to know that if it weren’t for political incorrectness, our country would never have been what it is today.

I say fuck political correctness. Life is too short to worry about hurting people’s feelings when it comes to issues. Holding our tongues is never going to benefit us in the world or as individuals.

From here on out, let your opinions matter.